Press Release
January 1, 2018

Ministry of Education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Approves the ACT International Exam

The Ministry of Education in Jordan has given its official approval and recognition of the ACT test as an acceptable academic measure to be administered and used in the country, as equivalency to the Jordanian ‘Tawjihi’ exam.

This will open more doors for students in Jordan seeking admission to universities both home and abroad. A choice in examination credentials means that students will have more options to find their ideal future educational or vocational path.

ACT is trusted as an American non-profit organization in college and career readiness, providing high-quality assessments grounded in nearly 60 years of research. The ACT test is the most popular university admissions test in the US, with more than 60 percent of the US high school graduates taking the assessment.

ConnecME Education, the ACT exclusive partner for the Middle East and North Africa region, administers all the tests in the region and has been instrumental in bringing the ACT to higher visibility in the area. ConnecME continues its objective of assisting governments and students in increasing opportunities, and allowing students to find their best pathway to further education and employment.

As expressed by his excellency Dr. Ameen Shdifat, from the Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education on behalf of Dr. Omer Alrzaz, that the Ministry of Education in the Hashemite of Jordan are pleased with the availability of the multitude of International Educational systems such as the ACT exam that provides the students in the Kingdom the opportunity to choose the right solution to enable them to achieve the best opportunities for development in both the Educational or Vocational pathway.  Side by side, to the other International educational programmes accredited by the Ministry. Especially that the choice of opportunities are mainly focused for the benefits of students in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is aligned with the philosophy and objective of the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom.

“We are so proud of this endeavor. Education is about options, expanding horizons and attaining global leadership skills. The ACT will now facilitate these for a new generation of students. Moreover it opens the very exciting door of more students returning home with elite skills and qualifications” said ConnecME CEO Mohammad Shadid.

He continued “We are grateful for the support and vision, from the Ministry of Education, who continues to express an exceptionally supportive view of students in Jordan. This exhibits the Ministry’s continuing commitment towards the Jordanian education sector, and to its never ending commitment to increase opportunities for students in Jordan.”

“We are very excited that Jordanian students and schools will have greater access to the ACT test and by extension, more educational opportunities overseas,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer, Suzana Delanghe.

Universities rely on ACT scores to help them see which applicants are best prepared to succeed on their campuses. So doing well on the ACT test can be extremely helpful to international students who wish to study in the US, or worldwide.