Press Release
February 22, 2018

ConnecME Announces International Partnership for Scoring with MZ Development for Online Scoring and Reporting

Iowa City, IA: Today, ConnecME, announced a partnership with MZ Development, an Iowa City based company, to use OSCAR (Online Scoring and Reporting System).

The partnership will allow ConnecME to continue to support the Middle East North Africa region with scoring solutions for educational assessment.

On the partnership, the CEO of ConnecME, Mohammad Shadid said, “We continue to grow and evolve to meet the demands of our customers and our partners. Testing is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the partnership to use OSCAR allows us to continue to support that sophistication and advance the efficiency of work.”

“We are excited to support such a well-entrenched and well-respected company in ConnecMe and are looking forward to utilizing our technological expertise to support both handscoring and automated scoring,” said Jeffrey Cuff, the Chief Operating Officer of MZ Development.

Additionally, the Georgia Center for Assessment, a part of the College of Education at Georgia will provide scoring services, when appropriate, to the partnership. Holly Garner, Administrative Director and the Center, said, “Since our founding, we have provided performance scoring services to government entities, states, schools, and districts and are proud to continue our quality work for the OSCAR/ConnecME partnership.”

About MZ Development: MZ Development is a dynamic and flexible organization focused on a single mission: to build a platform that delivers the most efficient and accurate solutions for performance assessment scoring and reporting.

About The Georgia Center for Assessment: The Georgia Center for Assessment, a part of the College of Education at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA, provides a suite of comprehensive assessment services, including performance scoring, to a broad educational market.