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ConnecME Education has 50 years of accumulated knowledge, quality and expertise in services for the betterment of the youth. ConnecME works hand in hand with its international partners to provide quality educational services not just for the youth alone but also for professionals and education providers in the MENA region.

Educational Consulting

We provide tailored solutions. Whether your needs are logistic, curriculum, or student related, we can provide you with the correct package. With our team we are ready to improve the educational experience you provide to your students. After twenty five years in the market our understanding allows us to work with whatever challenges you may be facing, and capturing all opportunities.

Quality Assurance

With our partners we provide extensive quality assurance services. Our current portfolio has both schools and universities. Maintaining the highest standards of education in schools and universities is a must in the highly competitive global market that our youth is preparing to enter. We are ready to help you meet the absolute highest international standards.

Testing Services

We provide an extensive array of exams, ranging from vocational, to English as a second language and University admission exams; both undergraduate and postgraduate. Standardized testing is now the gold standard of insuring students are fulfilling their potential. Contact us today and we can assist you with a top down approach from finding the correct exam for you, to setting up and administering the exam.

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ACT Club|ConnecME

ACT Club|ConnecME is the place to find everything you need to know before taking your ACT® test—and the next steps in your education. Here, you’ll find out how to prepare for the test, what to expect from the testing experience, and how to use your scores to achieve your educational and career goals. Students can discover how to study in the United States, while tutors, and instructors will find helpful tips and tools to help students achieve their dreams. 

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