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At ConnecME Education, we have a deep seated interest in education, whether in youth-based progams such as K-12, vocational training skills for adults, or standardized exams for youth and professionals.

By building partnerships with leading educational organizations active in the advancement of the sector, we help to contribute to the positive growth by increasing opportunities for members of our society.

Our objective is simple: we help educational providers improve the overall educational experiences and options presented to their learners.  We work with governments, corporations, educational institutions and examination boards to achieve exceptional results in student learning and completion.

We have a proactive presence in more than 25 countries, and we have the seen results that exceed expectations in national and international standards. We have worked with school systems to help create partnerships with global leaders in standardized testing, that have addressed age old concerns of predicting student-success at third level education. We have instituted diagnostic, strategic and ground level implementation of changes that have seen a paradigm shift towards an internationalized education approach.

We continue working closely with universities in assessing and implementing strategies to insure the highest level of support and options are presented to their students during and after their university experience.

We collaborate with employers, governments and educational institutes in providing students with a multitude of options that offer them a fast and secure transition from education to employment, whether that education is vocational, tertiary or post-graduate.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Europe & Middle East

Istanbul, Turkey

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Dubai, UAE

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Amman, Jordan

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North Africa

Cairo, Egypt

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The next ACT exam is on the 9th of December, make sure you register by the 3rd of November.


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24th of October at the Ankara Sheraton

ConnecME Education and IEFT:  PREACT

Registration is mandatory


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We are proud to announce that the Ministry of Education is accepting the ACT as Tawjihi Equivalency


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City & Guilds English test is an ongoing opportunity for students to attain an internationally recognized English as a Second Language Qualification.

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