Proctorio and ConnecME Education announce exclusive partnership for Middle East and North Africa Region.


The partnership represents a win for education in the region by boosting the integrity of assessment programs while offering unprecedented user privacy & data security.

Proctorio and ConnecME Education will be working in an exclusive partnership to deliver Proctorio’s cutting edge Learning Integrity Platform—introducing a new level of integrity in digital learning and online certifications that promise to offer the region a new threshold in exam security.

Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform uses advanced automated proctoring, identity verification and instant reporting for assessments—all without the need to schedule exams. The solution uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to guarantee unrivaled test-taker privacy and data security by limiting the visibility of user data.

ConnecME Education is an international education company that provides tailored solutions for schools, universities, and government departments. This partnership will allow organizations to develop, deliver, and support assessment programs in the Middle East and North Africa. With an extensive network of testing centres, ConnecME education has a long history in providing cutting edge solutions across the corporate, government and education sectors.

ConnecME’s continuous success in the region with partnerships with educational global leaders, ConnecME will now leverage Proctorio’s secure assessment solutions within exam environments throughout 30 countries.

“Partnering with Proctorio is built on our shared drive to offer institutes of education the ability to introduce new levels of academic integrity never before seen in the region,” said Mohammad Shadid, CEO of ConnecME. “Our teams throughout the region are excited to work with Proctorio and deliver world class solutions”

“ConnecME’s far-reaching test center network and expertise in delivering educational solutions to markets across sectors, combined with our robust suite of integrity protection tools, enables our clients to enhance exam security on their own terms—ultimately serving our mission of securely expanding access to high-quality education,” said Mike Olsen, CEO, Proctorio.

As a leader in the field of Learning Integrity, and with an already significant global reach, Proctorio’s experience is welcomed in the MENA region and through ConnecME Education they both look forward to developing the depth and breadth of engagement with multiple sectors, varying from education, to corporate to government.


Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform is a fully automated, remote proctoring service that provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to validating test-taker identities, activity, and originality during online exams. Proctorio ensures the integrity of digital learning and online certifications while protecting institutional accreditation, increasing the value of online degrees & credentials, and helping institutions grow their programs. Using state-of-the-art encryption technology, Proctorio guarantees unrivaled test-taker privacy and data security by limiting the visibility of user data.


Proctorio’s customizable, secure exam settings, recording options and live ID verification allow institutions to set-up unscheduled, on-demand proctoring specific to their assessment needs.


Click here to learn more about Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform.

ABOUT ConnecME Education

ConnecME is an international educational company that understands the importance of empowerment and global citizenship. With our strong partnerships, we aim to provide tailored educational and career solutions to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, associations, certifying bodies, and government departments. Our goal is to provide students and lifelong learners with opportunities to help them become globally competitive and to attain excellence and recognition in the global domain. We view our role as one of continuous support to students and candidates in helping to open more doors to opportunities both home and abroad.

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