ATA Online and ConnecME Education Achieve an Exclusive Strategic Cooperation


China’s leading third-party testing and assessment services provider ATA Online (ATA) and ConnecME Education Ltd. (ConnecME), one of the largest education services providers in the Middle East achieved strategic exclusive cooperation. ConnecME will introduce ATA AI-Proctor, which is developed by ATA Online based on its proprietary AI technologies, to serve the education and testing markets in Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries

ATA Online is the pioneer of performance-based testing and assessment technologies around the world, the founder and leader of technology-based testing and assessment services in China. ATA Online is also one of the Chinese companies that export innovative testing technologies to the overseas markets. In 2018, ATA AI-Proctor was developed and launched in China, an ATA proprietary AI technology developed to automate the management of the entire testing process in a secured manner. ATA AI-Proctor is a new generation of product and service that adopts machine learning from test-takers behavioral patterns; creation of a taxonomy of behaviors; body-limbs movements detection and real-time behavioral analysis; algorithm-based analysis technologies that detect, capture and prevent unacceptable behaviors in the examination session for the new era of “Intelligent Proctoring”. ATA AI-Proctor subversively changes the fact that the human proctor is the weakest link in the entire test security policies, from the candidate’s login throughout the entire test administration process until the session is adjourned.

ATA Online and ConnecME have recently reached strategic cooperation for the Middle East markets. Through this cooperation, ATA Online will work closely with ConnecME to identify local market opportunities for implementing ATA AI-Proctor technologies to modernize the Education and Assessment Process in the Middle East countries.

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We are proud of starting this journey with ATA Online to bring it’s long history of being one of the leading names in the field to the Middle East region” said Mr. Shadid, CEO of ConnecME Education “We are excited to bring our shared vision of offering cutting edge educational solutions that ATA is synonymous with to the MENA region
Mohammad Shadid
CEO ConnecME
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I’m very excited to see our world leading AI technologies being used in the rapidly growing markets in the Middle East” Mr.Zhao, COO of ATA Online expressed his excitement of this cooperation. He continues to envision that “With the market experience and business connections from our partner ConnecME, ATA Online is confident that our AI-based technologies and products will enable a more effective and secure testing environment in the Middle East region.
Mr. Zhao
COO, ATA Online

With functionalities, including facial recognition, video capturing, behavioral analysis, log and alert, ATA AI-Proctor is designed to be integrated and use in various scenarios such as test administration proctoring, learning behavior supervision, intelligent classroom management, and secure-storage facilities supervision.

At present, ATA AI-Proctor has been widely applied in national qualification examinations in China, such as CPA, National Tax Agent Professional Qualification Exam, and vocational qualification examination for banking practitioners; various kinds of art performance examinations; university graduates’ recruitment examinations for enterprises, and test paper secure storage facilities for high-stake national examination.

ConnecME’s success in the region with partnerships with educational global leaders, is one that extends throughout 30 countries. Working with an extensive network of Test centers, as well as having a long history with, regulators, educational providers and the corporate sector in the region. ConnecME are considered experts in the delivery and management of large-scale assessment programs and are highly accomplished in customizing solutions, and dealing directly to local needs and environmental considerations.

About ConnecME Education

ConnecME is an international educational company that understands the importance of empowerment and global citizenship. With our strong partnerships, we aim to provide tailored educational solutions to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, and government departments. The primary goal is to provide students with opportunities to help them become globally competitive and to attain excellence and recognition in the global domain. ConnecME’s role as one of continuous support to the student, in helping to open more doors to opportunities both home and abroad.

About ATA Online

ATA was founded in 1999 and founded ATA Online in 2006. In 2018, ATA completed the spin-off from Ata Inc. (NASDAQ: ATAI), a US-listed company, and will continue to focus on the core business of testing and assessment, and continue to expand its talent assessment and job-matching services for recruitment markets. ATA is striving to become the world’s most popular, technologically advanced and highest service quality company; to provide leading, professional testing technologies and operational services to our customers and candidates. Our Vision is “To become the world’s largest service provider of testing and assessment and operator of talent data”. Our Mission is “To establish roadmaps for personal growth for billions of individuals”

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ConnecME is an international educational company that understands the importance of empowerment and global citizenship. With its strong partnerships, it aims to provide tailored educational solutions to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, and government departments.

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